At the first National Conference on Christian Education in 1958, MLKJ gave two s…

At the first National Conference on Christian Education in 1958, MLKJ gave two speeches to around 3000 professors and theologians. Those in attendance demanded that his words be published and archived. Here is a quote from each speech, which have inspired my research over the past few months. I invite you to look up the two speeches today. It’s about a 20 minute read all together and whether you have qualms or not you won’t regret it. The first is “What is Man” and the second is “The Three Dimensions of Life” I will be begin with the latter.
The Three Dimensions of Life – MLKJ “There are three dimensions to any complete life to which we can firmly give the words of this text: length, breadth, and height. The length of life as we shall think of it here is not its duration or it longevity, but it is the push of a life forward to achieve its personal ends and ambitions. It is the inward concern for one’s own welfare. The breadth of life is the outward concern for the welfare of others. The height of life is the upward reach for God.
These are the three dimensions of life, and without the three being correlated, working harmoniously together, life is incomplete. Life is something of a great triangle.” … What is Man – MLKJ “So the body in Christianity is sacred and significant. That means in any doctrine of man that we must be concerned with man’s physical well-being. It may be true that man cannot live by bread alone, but the mere fact that Jesus added the “alone” means that man cannot live without bread. Religion must never overlook this, and any religion that professes to be concerned about the souls of men and is not concerned about the economic conditions that damn the soul, the social conditions that corrupt men, and the city governments that cripple them, is a dry, dead, do nothing religion in need of new blood. For it overlooks the basic fact that man is a biological being with a physical body. This must stand as a principle in any doctrine of man. “ … #mlkjrday #martinlutherkingjr #martinlutherkingjrday #mlk #rip


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