Back in the day when I was a yung blood in the education field . Shout out to my…

Back in the day when I was a yung blood in the education field ✊🏽⚡. Shout out to my hero, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was one of the central motivating figures that brought me into teaching. King’s work not only inspired a sense of urgency for peace and justice work in me, but as a young Asian American boy, I didn’t feel like I fully belonged to this country until I heard a recording of his 1963 “I have a Dream” speech which he delivered at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. His work put a name to my angst, while also helping point to the gospel truth that I was beloved, as a child of God, and had an invaluable place in this world.
The world that King dreamt of was a world that would not judge children by their skin color, but rather by the content of their character. Although we have not fully arrived at this possible world yet as a nation and collective people, the hope is that one divine day we will.
To all my peacemakers and bridge builders, keep on loving and journeying. The gate is narrow, the road is hard, and there are few who find it; but this is the path that leads to life.
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day beloved ones 🙏🏽🙏🏽 #FoundThisGoodieOnAnOldDrive 😂 #CanYouGuessHowOldIAm? #IWasntPlayingWithTheseKids #Lol #MLK #MartinLutherKingJr #GiveThanks
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