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A look back at the Martin Luther King Assassination (Video, Photos, Facts)

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Martin Luther King assassination happened so swiftly which cannot be imagined by anyone because he was a prominent yet strong leader. Almost 50 years before, the most harrowing and distressing episode was unfolded which actually changed the direction of the civil rights movement.  The death of Martin Luther King was one of the devastating and […]

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Martin Luther King Jr. Images – Photos, Picures

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Here in this post, you will see Martin Luther King Jr. Images, Pictures, Photographies with quotes. Martin Luther King is well known civil rights leader who was assassinated at the age of 39 on 4th of April 1968. Even after five years of his death, the values he stood for was equality, acceptance, and non-violence. The main […]

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Murder of Death of Matin Luther – The Mysterious Death Of Martin Luther King Jr

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On April before nine hundred 68 American civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King was assassinated at Tennessee’s Lorraine Motel he was 39 years old. Two months later white supremacist James Earl Ray was captured at London’s Heathrow Airport a trial soon followed and he was sentenced to 99 years in prison for murdering M.L.K. but […]

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