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His words remain timeless not only because they are truth but because they are s…

His words remain timeless not only because they are truth but because they are still so neccesary today. If you have the day off, have you considered why? Following Dr. King’s assassination in 1968, it took nearly 20 years of introducing and reintroducing legislation to create the peaceful holiday honoring and remembering one of our greatest civil rights leaders. This included marches on Washington and petitions with more than 6 million signatures (in the days prior to online name gathering). Many states refused to observe the federal holiday even after Congress passed the legislation. MLK Day was not celebrated in all 50 states until 1993, and still often not under his name (sometimes even paired with confederate holidays). Repeat in case it’s not clear – this was the effort needed simply to create a peaceful holiday to honor the society-altering work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. .
Dismantling racism starts in the home, the school, the local government, and the community, from seemingly small actions like our word choice and body language, to the shifting of norms, to structural and political change.
Let this not be a day off like any other, a holiday of gratitude for social servants like Dr. King, let this be our rocket launch. .
(Art by Daniel Rarela)
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