I have a dream. • • • • • • •Walk by Faith NOT by Sight. Imagine how today would…

I have a dream.

•Walk by Faith NOT by Sight.👞✊🏾 Imagine how today would be if the Great people of the past walked by sight . I feel like many would’ve stopped at obstacles they felt they couldn’t overcome and boundaries wouldn’t have been broken. I am thankful for the brave and hope to always have a bold and encouraged heart. ✨stand firmly behind your goals and dreams or passions ✨don’t let others push you around ✨be aware of what’s right and what’s wrong ✨do what you love ✨don’t be afraid to dream BIG✨break boundaries you believe in ✨speak out ✨don’t hide ✨spread love ✨don’t favorite but show equality ✨love thy neighbors #martinlutherkingjrday #mlk #ihaveadream haha picture taken of a portrait in my friends room👌🏼


Updated: January 26, 2018 — 8:11 pm

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