20+ Amazing Fast Martin Luther King Jr. Facts for Kids & Adults

There are many hidden Martin Luther King Jr’s facts about his childhood and especially about the Civil rights movement, which kids should know.  Martin Luther King Jr. is known worldwide because of the civil rights movement and many nonviolent protests held in the state. It was Martin who dreamt every individual of US must be judged by his qualities not by caste or creed.  He devoted his life to provide legal rights to African Americans. Until now, Martin Luther King work is honored in different schools, with a national holiday and naming public buildings after him. However, he led defining years with amazing work. So get to know great Martin Luther King Jr. facts against racism.


King was born on 15 January in 1929 with a name Michael and later switched his name to Martin. During his childhood, Martin attended segregated schools and graduated from a distinguished African institution in Atlanta. He continued his doctorate studies from Boston University and received a degree in 1955. Later on, he married Coretta Scott in Boston. Martin is a father of two daughters and two sons. He continued his work as a Baptist in a Church in Alabama and worked tirelessly for civil rights movements for African Americans. He leads various organizations for colored people and his nonviolent strategies enabled the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional all segregated laws.  Martin was the youngest man to receive Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35. Despite his tireless work for African Americans, King was assassinated on 4th April 1968.

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Biographical Martin Luther King Jr. Facts

  • The birthdate of Martin is 15 January 1929.
  • He died on 4th April in 1968.
  • He was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Michael Luther King Jr. is the birth name of Martin. His father was a Sr. Baptists Minister and his mother name was Alberta King.
  • King children name is Bernice, Dexter, Martin III, and Yolanda.
  • He completed a BA from Morehouse College in 1948 and did BD from Crozer Theological Seminary in 1951 and Ph.D. from Boston University in 1955.
  • King wrote five books which entirely based on American race relations and the compilation of different lectures and sermons.
  • The famous speech I HAVE A DREAM is 17 minutes long.
  • King gained the title of Baptist minister in 1948 and become Baptist of Church Dexter Avenue in 1954.

Martin Luther King Jr Birthday Childhood

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MLK Jr. Facts about adulthood

  • King was graded C in public speaking but later on, he switched his class to valedictorian and got A`s in by being student body president.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. facts about his studies include that he skipped grades 9th and 12th but still got admission in Morehouse College and earned a Bachelor`s degree at the age of 19 in sociology.
  • He was inspired by the nonviolent tactics promoted by Mohandas K. Gandhi.

MLK facts about the Civil Rights Movement

  • King is the youngest person to earn a Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35 in 1964. He donated a prize of $54,000 during the efforts of the Civil Rights movement.
  • His work for African Americans earned him the title of Man of the Year in 1963 in TIME Magazine. After King, the title was awarded to only African American Barack Obama.
  • During the Civil Rights movement, he promoted various nonviolent tactics and strategies but still applied for a permit for a personal gun because of protection purposes. However, later on, he also asked for a permit for various firearms to protect his family and different churches in Montgomery because of bombardment but he decided to promote what he preaches.
  • You may not know that his involvement in various protests and different events got him arrested 29 times.

The amazing life of Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. facts and amazing life own several layers. No one in this world owns enough knowledge regarding Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. The iconic personality possesses many fast facts that end with the tragic assassination incident that happened on 4th April. However, there is no doubt that Martin`s impact on African Americans’ life is real and leaves a deep mark on everyone’s life.

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