7+ POWERFUL Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes on Love: (Unconditional, Strength to Love)

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

The brilliance of the author is impossible to ignore. It is a maxim that is very relevant today, yet few, in reality, actually abide by it. The quote is about renunciation of hate. Human beings can be the most loving and noble of all creatures, yet they’re possibly more vicious than any other. It is no wonder how huge armies today can be made to commit the greatest atrocities in the world, and yet these noble humans never bat an eye while doing it. Powerful Nations today, like the USA, carry so much hate towards other races, religions and liberal views. All this shows is that us humans so gullible and that is what makes us so dangerous. We can be persuaded to kill so many of our kind in the name of one’s country or some philosophy.


martin luther king jr quotes on Love

here is Martin Luther King Jr. quote on love.

All humans have a natural disposition to hate those we see as our foes. And this hate feels so justified. Love, unlike hate, isn’t a default reaction. It’s a tough choice, especially at first. But as you continue to choose it over hate, you change. Your heart grows and softens. Soon, love seems like the only practical option. Love is natural. We were all born free of prejudices and with a pure, clean heart.

However, hate is something human beings learn. Everyone has a defense for their hate, and they may be valid to some extent. History is full of groups and nations despising each other. They have murdered and stolen from each other, always justifying their actions in some way or the other. But one should always choose love over hate, even if others don’t, even if it does not make sense. Hate hardens your heart. Hate is easy. Humans have always done it. Love is difficult, but your choice about whether to experience love or hate changes you and it changes your experience of life.

One should always have a long list of the things they love, and always a short list of the things they hate. One should never let hate dominate and rule over their life. Anger and hatred exhaust one of their energy. It blinds your vision and one can never truly appreciate the good things in their life. Anger weakens your ability to see what is in front of you. Hate damages your heart and causes restraints in your ability to love.

Today, it’s simpler to hate than it is to choose to love. It’s everywhere. If you are traditional, you are constantly reminded on how the liberals are destroying values and society. If you are liberal, you are told how the conservatives are holding the world and restricting freedom. Everyone has a choice; we can allow ourselves to hate or we can choose to let love overcome it all.

But how can we allow ourselves to love? Try to find the good in everything, in every act, in every decision, in every philosophy etc. Try to understand the negative side of things. Always remember your goal, which is to love. Realize that to choose love over hate; life is better this way, one can function far better then and strive for that inner peace within themselves.

Love is always the answer to the Universe’s misfortunes. And it will be the saving grace of mankind. It is only natural that fear and hate cannot exist where love endures. Love is the greatest mandate of great thinkers who have made a positive impact in the world in some way or the other, like Martin Luther King himself. Embrace something that comes naturally to us all; which is love over hate.

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If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way. – MLK

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