Powerful Martin Luther King Jr Quotes On Education for Students

Here is the some Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Quotes On Education for students and teens. Martin King Jr. is a man known by many. He was born in Georgia on 15th Jan 1929. Dr. Martin Luther King was a pivotal activist for the African Americans throughout the movement about civil rights in the U.S. He experienced racial discrimination from an early age, and those things stayed with him forever and eventually took him to activism. He got his doctorate degree in theology and became a pastor in Alabama. King started a series of nonviolent protests in the south that finally changed numerous laws coping with the egalitarianism of the African Americans. He gave a lot of affecting speeches across the country. He was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

martin Luther King jr quotes on education

On 4th April 1968, he was shot and died while in Memphis, Tennessee. Although the king’s life finished that day, the work he had done changed the entire nation. He’ll be remembered not just for his commitment to the cause of egalitarianism for the African Americans but also for the king’s moving speeches that moved a lot of people. His words were spoken with the hope that the African Americans’ future would be brighter and that they’d finally be given the egalitarianism they deserved.

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes On Education

Dr. Martin Luther King’s words can surely move each one of us in our everyday lives. They can also encourage administrators and teachers to keep working to find the way through many obstacles that come in their way as they struggle to improve learning and teaching and encourage the students they serve. The following Martin Luther King Jr Quotes On Education show, he promoted a customary comprehension of education in which students discover to think for themselves while concurrently developing in virtue.


“The purpose of education is to educate each one of us to think critically and to think intensively. Character plus intelligence – that’s the objective of true education.”

education quotes of Martin Luther King Jr

“Education must enable each one to weigh evidence and sift, to distinguish the real from the unreal, the true from the false, and the facts from the fiction.”

“Knowledge is a procedure of heaping up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.”

Knowledge is a procedure quotes on education by MLK

MLK Quotes for students

“The group comprising father, mother, and kid is the major educational organization of mankind.”

mlk quotes for teens

Martin Luther Jr quotes on education

“We must keep in mind that intelligence is not sufficient. Character plus intelligence – that’s the objective of true education. The complete education provides one not just power of concentration, but commendable objectives upon which to focus.”

“Education must enable a person to become more competent, to attain with rising facility the legitimate objectives of his life.”

“To save man from the mess of misinformation, in my view, is one of the chief purposes of education.”

“A great mass of the so-called educated individuals don’t think scientifically and logically. Even the classroom, the press, the pulpit and the platform in many cases don’t provide us unbiased truths and objective.”

“The complete education provides you not just the power of concentration, but commendable goals upon which to focus.”

“The purpose of education, therefore, is to educate everyone to think critically and to think intensively.”


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