Inspiring Martin Luther King Jr Quotes About Peace

We have found more than 10 quotes of Inspiring Martin Luther King Jr Quotes on Peace. Read more on our website. MLK Jr. was an American activist and Baptist minister who became the most noticeable leader and representative in the Movement of Civil Rights. King is best recognized for his part in the progression of civil rights utilizing the tactics of and civil disobedience and nonviolence inspired by the peaceful Mahatma Gandhi’s activism and based on his Christian beliefs. May the inspiring and moving Martin Luther King Jr Quotes About Peace motivate you to be the best that you can live a life of greatness.

Martin Luther King Jr Quotes About Peace

“The ones who love peace have to learn to organize as efficiently as the ones who love war.” 

The ones who love peace - mlk quotes on peach

“If you desire to make peace with your opponent, you must work with them. You’re your enemy becomes your partner.”

“Peace can’t be kept forcibly; it can just be attained by comprehension.”

“Peace originates from being capable of contributing the best that you have, and all that you are, toward making a world that supports all. But it’s also securing the space for others to put in the best that all that they are and they have.”

“If you desire to finish the war then in place of sending firearms, send books. Send pens in place of sending tanks. Send teachers in place of sending soldiers.” 

“Peace doesn’t mean a dearth of conflicts; dissimilarities will always be present. Peace denotes solving such issues through peaceful means; through education, dialogue, knowledge; and through humane manners.”

“What type of peace do you seek? Not a Pax American implemented on the world by American armaments of war. Not the peace of the grave or the safety of the slave. I am speaking about real peace, the type of peace that makes life on soil worth living, the type that allows nations and men to grow and to expect and to construct a better life for their kids . . . not just peace in the present time but the kind of peace for all time.’’ 

“Peace doesn’t rest in the covenants and charters alone. It lies in the minds and hearts of all individuals. So allow us not to rest all our hopes on paper and on parchment, allow us struggle to build peace, a wish for peace, an enthusiasm to work for peace in the minds and hearts of all of our individuals. I believe that we can do so. I believe the issues of human fate are not further than the reach of human beings.” 

“I talk of peace, therefore, as the essential rational end of rational men. I understand the search of peace is not as thespian as the pursuit of combat… But we have no more urgent mission.” 

“Islam has ninety-nine names for God. Sanskrit has one hundred and eight words for love. Japanese has fourteen words for beauty. We have got a single word for Peace…. We do not have adequate words to precisely describe all the diverse kinds of peace. I believe it was Socrates who said once that if you do not have a word to explain something, then how can one dwell on it?”

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