Martin Luther King “We Shall Overcome” Speech (*HD Video*)

“We Shall Overcome” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Full speech

Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech. Created as part of a lesson plan for US History – Civil Rights – MLK Jr. Day

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  1. rthing says:

    I wish hitler was alive to skin this nigger alive in front of me and a 100 other white people..

    Down with this black filth.. A rotten desease amongst our people

  2. TaAncel says:

    Q: Two black guys decide to jump off a building; who lands first?
    A: Who cares?

    Q: A black guy and his black girlfriend are in a car. Who’s driving?
    A: The cop!

    Q: Why are black peoples nostrils so big?
    A: Because that’s what God held them by when he was painting them.

    Q: What do you get if you search for babboon in dictionary?
    A: You get a picture of Robert Mugabe.

  3. SuperSFio says:

    Between 1976-2005, blacks made up 13% of the US population, but committed 59% of felony murders. Overall, blacks are 9 times more likely to commit murder than whites.
    Source: US DOJ

  4. uniqueid87 says:

    @clubwedd says a LOSER. you’ll never be as great as Dr. King, if you lived two lives. I wish you peace, coming from a white woman.

  5. BlaqueReign25 says:

    @clubwedd You my freind are completley misguided and you sound as if you are one of the main people that need to be listening to Dr. Kings speech!

  6. debbiedamoose says:

    @clubwedd Is this a joke? Are you stupid? It’s one or the other. Dr. King is a hero and always will be. I’m a 60 year old raised in the south. I saw it all. I came to the south at the age of 6…my Father was military and got stationed in the south. I was young (2nd grade), and I didn’t know what a Nigger was…I still don’t. I met a boy in 4th grade and just took him in as my best friend. He was black and I didn’t know it. I thought he was tan. Get over it and join the USA. United!

  7. clubwedd says:

    You niggers will always be oppressed,and fuck this shit head he was an idiot.

  8. wtaylor0435 says:

    @Vondershmurf Maybe instead we cut off the welfare! No one gets anything for free. White people get welfare too.

  9. Vondershmurf says:

    @justdoit42380 ya damned right i do, pussies like this faggot let terrorists think that we are weak

  10. Vondershmurf says:

    @wtaylor0435 Maybe we should make them be slaves again, make em work for all the welfare money they get!

  11. justdoit42380 says:

    His birthday is actually Jan 15th. You best belive that terriorisom now is linked to MLK’s Assissnation then. MLK RIP

  12. wtaylor0435 says:

    @Vondershmurf Maybe you’d like to go to the front lines with them! And I hate America? I live, eat, and BREATHE America. Maybe you didn’t realise this, but if we never had slaves, then the country would have never truly prospered. Same goes for immigrants. Maybe we should send them back too?

  13. Vondershmurf says:

    @wtaylor0435 How fucking dare me? How fucking dare you, ya god damned America Hater! Its people like you that let the terrorists come in and walk all over us. We need to send these god damned niggers over seas make them fight the wars. Cause if they all die then we dont gotta deal with niggers anymore, and if they kill all the terrorists, then we win too. We cant lose

  14. wtaylor0435 says:

    @Vondershmurf How fucking dare you. MLK was a great man. He inspired a nation to change for the better, and if you can’t see that, you deserve to pick cotton.

  15. Vondershmurf says:

    God sent that man to take this cotton picker

  16. kecarr228 says:

    @louisianimal34 His ignorance has nothing to do with his race. I’ll give you that he is ignorant, but you continue to wallow in that same ignorance in your speech. Martin Luther King is an inspirational figure because he spoke of peace, tolerance and love. Malcolm X and Nat Turner while their causes may have been admirable went about it in a very controversial and sometimes dangerous manner which detracts from their cause. The killing of anyone is wrong. Nonviolence is the way!

  17. datkito says:

    Martin Luther king jr. is our BFF

  18. Shahida4God says:

    @makinnmoneyy did you do a search on the term “Drum Major for Justice”

  19. olabashanda says:

    “We shall overcome because THE BIBLE IS RIGHT, you shall reap what you sow!”

  20. binnie333servant says:


    Seriously if that’s what you’re saying you have missed the point. You missed the message and the struggle. Good job killa

  21. foofight3rs says:

    @albawiklund i dnt think hes god….

  22. preacherfemale says:

    To answer the question of Affirmative action, the only people that benefitted from AA the most were “White Women” not the black women. And black women done more to help take care of you and your race (white) more than any one else. Dum – Dum!!!

    Maybe if you change your thinking or your education situation, or your attitude than you could get some employment!!!!

  23. preacherfemale says:

    To answer the question of Affirmative action, the only people that benefitted from AA the most were “White Women” not the black women. And black women done more to help take care of you and your race (white) more than any one else. Dum – Dum!!!

  24. Larendria says:

    @hexnyc It was a rhetorical question, it’s not fair and there is no real reason for it anymore. Affirmative action is bullshit. How can some lazy ass black woman get a job and i can’t because i’m white? It’s bullshit.

  25. hexnyc says:

    @Larendria if you really want to know the answer to your question you have to pay attention to what Tim Wise is saying. Watch his talk on “The pathology of white privilege.”

  26. hexnyc says:

    watch Tim Wise and the pathology of white privilege in order to get a sense of the current state of racism in this country.

  27. MrCamus1967 says:


    Both were very real. King’s last speech was going to be: Why America Will Go To Hell? They all evolved. Malcolm later saw the struggle could not be ghettoize as the white supremacist system victimized non-whites the world over. King saw that too when he started criticizing aggressive U.S foreign policy. King once said the civil rights movement only served the black elites. He even went far to say American needed a democratic socialism. Truly great bunch!

  28. MrCamus1967 says:


    No Sister, I met Stokeley Carmichael and he said, for King, non-violence was a principle; but some of them who followed him were not going to stand aloof while they got brutalized. And you know what Malcolm told Corretta King after criticizing King in a speech at Alabama? He said by criticizing King, it would help King in the long run. That meant if you were not going to listen to King, Malcolm had another philosophy to exact change. King had some fiery things to say.

  29. MrCamus1967 says:

    Drivel! How is recommending self-defense in the face of brutalities a call to violence and aggression? Your own hypocrisy is clear here since you have not responded to a forumer’s question why violence is sought by the U.S government to solve some of its problems. Who said my own country is the greatest perpetrator of violence in the world? You probably do not know. It was King. Before he was murdered he planned on giving the speech — Why America Will Go To Hell?

  30. Larendria says:

    How is it fair that black people can get a job before me…just because they are black? Equal chances no matter what your minority, this is bullshit, they are lazy.

  31. Larendria says:

    @01blackpete1 Uhh, that’s because they don’t want to be. They are on welfare because they don’t want to work, they still think the white man owes them something…. they don’t get married so they can collect child support and all that bullshit, they SELL foodstamps to people for real cash so they can buy drugs. They are lazy dillholes, the most of them. The ones who aren’t actually do things like regular people…like own a house or have a real fucking job.

  32. YTubeArraignment says:

    The aerosolized aluminum oxide propellant that’s being sprayed into our stratosphere from tanker jet plains, and utilized in the name of terra-forming and aerial obscuration, is THE cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.

  33. Joxxol says:

    @CocoaBrownSkinLady The American Revolution was not a well organized affair, and there were not significant numerical or logistical advantages for the British, but that is an entire conversation in itself. As for lack of absolute freedom and and equality, blacks have been their own worst enemy since the civil rights movement. Subtle deprivation of rights is just an excuse to avoid taking an honest look in the mirror. The truth is ABSOLUTE freedom and equality does not exist for anyone.

  34. JayRenn says:

    @01blackpete1 – Who is preventing Negros from voting, running businesses, attending universities, owning homes, or becoming doctors, lawyers, or even the President? How are all Negros not free?

  35. CocoaBrownSkinLady says:

    @Joxxol If anything, history proved Malcolm X right. Since we never really fought for our freedoms, we have still not been granted absolute freedom and equality. Integration is a farce. The only thing that has changed from that time is that rights are being deprived more subtly. As for your assertion that numerical minority means that revolution couldn’t work, one need only to look at the American Revolution. You don’t need to outnumber your enemy if you are organized and persistent.

  36. YouHearThis1 says:

    @YTubeArraignment your evidence please?

  37. 01blackpete1 says:

    The Negro is still not free.

  38. rwcwetback says:

    @rspkk0 For sure. He was great. His life was crazy.

  39. Joxxol says:

    History proved MLK right, not just on a moral level, but on a pragmatic one as well. Non-violent resistance makes the oppressive class confront their own stung conscience, while the way of violent resistance only serves to self-justify the conscience of the oppressors. Violence only works as a means if there is sufficient physical power to overcome one’s enemies, but due to being such a numerical minority, blacks were never going to be able to effect change through violence.

  40. TheJiggsCasey says:


    There’s a big difference between an act or war and attempting to find respect and acceptance in a social setting, Mropevargas. I see what you’re saying, and respect it, but to me, it’s apples and oranges.

  41. Mropevargas says:

    @TheJiggsCasey If it doesnt work why do you have the US engaging in war? where is the logical reasoning to get hit in the head with anything that can kill you and continue to talk about peace? if that is how you live your life why do you fight back if someone hits you or your family members?

  42. Mropevargas says:

    @WoundedEgo have you ever read you own text.The Bible. I surely doubt it, I know you never read the Quran..your thoughts add no value to your own life

  43. Mropevargas says:

    People are so blind by thoughts of others and never read nor understood Malcolm X, Malcolm told the truth, in every phase of his speech era, he taught self cleaning and up lifting the economic state of a people, so the people that never read his speeches you are childish and lack the real understand of that time

  44. YTubeArraignment says:

    @YouHearThis1 : M.L.King, Jr. stole the writings of others as had Alex Haley, “author” of “Roots.”

  45. vangoghmatisse1 says:

    He was GORGEOUS and the best ever!!!!!

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