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Did you ever wonder that what is Martin Luther King day and why it is celebrated? Martin Luther King day is basically a federal holiday in America celebrated on 21st of January in the memory of birthday of King. Now, if you haven’t heard about Martin Luther King, it is indeed strange because he was one of the strongest personalities on earth who can inspire people with his amazing words. Martin Luther King quotes and his speeches were truly amazing and still revised in many educational institutions as a lesson. Stay tuned to know a short Martin Luther King biography and his lifestyle.

Education, Birthday, Parents, Religion

Martin Luther King belongs from a middle class educated family born in Atlanta in 1929. His parents and maternal parents were religious preachers. His father was a pastor of Church in Atlanta and lived on Sweet Auburn which was well known as a Black wall street. The place was famous because of having the largest black churches and running black businesses before the civil rights movement. Martin received secure and high standard upbringing but still, he experienced prejudices.

Career, Activities, Died Date, Civil Rights Movement, Nobel Prize

Martin Luther King is a renowned personality because he is a well-known social activist and a Baptist Minister. He died by assassination because Martin was successful in leading a civil rights movement. The main aim of the movement is to end segregation or discrimination legally for African Americans in the US. However, he got prominence in a short span because of using non-violent tactics to promote civil rights movements due to which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Family, Kids, Wife, DAD, Siblings:


2 Sons: Martin Luther King III, Dexter Scott King,

2 Daughters: Bernice King, Yolanda King

Wife: Coretta Scott King

Siblings: (sister) Christine King Farris, A. D. King

Nieces (3): Angela Christine Farris Watkins, Alveda King, Darlene King

Mom/Dad: Martin Luther King Sr. (dad), Alberta Williams King (Mother)

Granddaughter: Yolanda Renee King

Real Name, Job, School, Education, Awards, Movie

 Real Name: Michael King Jr.

Jobs: Writer, Minister of Christianity, Civil rights activist, Humanitarian

 Education: Boston University (1951 to 1955)

School: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. SchoolMartin Luther King Jr. Elementary School

Awards: (9) Nobel Peace, Grammy Hall of fame, Presidential Model of freedom, Congressional Gold Medal, Margaret Sanger Awards, Spingarn Medal, Jawaharlal Nehru Award, Best Spoken Word Album, Anisfield-Wolf Book Award

Movies on Him (5): Selma, 4 Little Girls, Malcolm X, 42, The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, Eyes on the Prize,

Martin Luther fight for racial inequality

The amazing experience of Martin in the North deepened the hatred of racism. Despite studying law and medicine, he entered the ministry in his final year. His progressive ideas were practical to fight against racial inequality. Martin Luther King’s biography is lengthy yet very interesting. The words of Martin Luther King’s speech were surely inspiring, skillful rhetoric and dynamic.

Unforgettable happenings of Martin Luther King

  • At the age of six, one white class-fellow of Martin announced that his parents do not allow him to play with Martin due to which white and black will be attending segregated schools.
  • At the age of 15, he had his extended summer stay on a tobacco farm where he was shocked to see that all whites and black live peacefully in North.
  • Due to his strong personality and training, it was assumed that Montgomery bus boycott will fail in 1955.
  • Next, he plans to set Southern Christian Leadership conference throughout South. Martin also set a national platform to speak and address all race-related problems.
  • In 1963 spring, Martin movement was about to end segregation but he was jailed with his supporters along with many children.

Legacy and historical significance

Martin Luther King is the most influential and inspirational personality. The national holiday was declared in the honor of well-known African American leader. Martin Luther King speech “I have a Dream” is famous because of its motivational wordings. However, he tried his best to promote a balanced perspective. There is no doubt King has historical significance because of his flawed, fallible and complex nature. He was also titled as a visionary leader who was committed to achieving social justice.


The inspirational personality draws attention to him because of providing Charismatic guidance. Kings popularity rose to a national level and gained him prominence. His studies and knowledge still provide a lesson to many biographers and historians. Martin Luther King quotes, speeches and writings are a paramount contribution for modern African American freedom struggle. He fights effectively to end legal racial discrimination and segregation.

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