Murder of Death of Matin Luther – The Mysterious Death Of Martin Luther King Jr

On April before nine hundred 68 American civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King was assassinated at Tennessee’s Lorraine Motel he was 39 years old.

Two months later white supremacist James Earl Ray was captured at London’s Heathrow Airport a trial soon followed and he was sentenced to 99¬†years in prison for murdering M.L.K. but William had an attorney and close friend of M.L.K. believes that the government orchestrated the assassination to crush his campaign for equal rights.

Peppa claims that government agencies felt threatened by King’s popular support and his disturbing of the peace. They chose to eliminate him using James Earl Ray as a scapegoat but is this really true. According to the official story King was standing on the motel balcony just after six pm when he was murdered the bullets tore through his right cheek smashing his jaw and slicing through his juggler vein as well as major arteries and damaging his spine an unknown man was seen a scaping from a boarding house opposite the rain motel James Earl Ray had been staying at the boarding house police recovered a package there which included binoculars and a rifle they were heavily marked with a graze fingerprints while this appeared to be an open and shut case several unexplained elements casts doubt on the final verdict for instance witnesses at the scene including M.L.K. his driver say the shots did not come from the boarding house but instead.

From Bush’s nearby This is corroborated by a photograph taken moments after the assassination the image depicts King’s associates on the balcony pointing in the direction the gun shots came from importantly they are all gesturing towards the bush is not to the boarding house during the trial there was only one state witness to the crime Charles Stevens Not only did Stevens fail to identify James Earl Ray and photographs but he was also known locally as a notorious alcoholic nevertheless he was called as a reliable government witness Ray For went to trial by jury when he pleaded guilty to the crime however he later retracted this claiming he had been duped into confessing Ray insisted his lawyer told him confession was the only way he could avoid the death penalty regarding the assassination he claimed he was set up by a mysterious man and known only as Raoul Ray said Raoul was a Hispanic a government agent who had framed him in a government conspiracy to exterminate M.L.K..

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