Quest for freedom by Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Movement

What you do not already know about Martin Luther King Jr. civil rights movement measures? There is no doubt that the champion of human rights was successful in achieving his aim for promoting nonviolent social modification. The civil rights movement was powerful and inspired many people universally. It enables Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act and King was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1964. King was titled as the iconic personality because of the movement and honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom. However, all of his work and life was devoted to eradicating discrimination and inequality. There is no doubt Martin envisioned a great peaceful place for people that are not divided on the basis of race. Get to know the role of Martin Luther King Jr. civil rights movement.

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Role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the Civil Rights Movement

Martin Luther King Jr. was born courageous and oratorical skills that attracted the attention of every colored individual. He surely did tremendous work and took serious measures to promote equality mainly in America and guarantee civil rights must be regardless of caste, creed or race. It was his tireless work and efforts that made civil rights activities public. King emphasized on resistance and encouraged non-violent protest. Martin Luther King was the right person to provide leadership to enforce civil rights movement for African Americans.

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How Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world?

King is a well-known leader who led the civil rights movement. The activist laid a great influence on African Americans during the 1950s. He believed in promoting non-violent measures to upkeep the movement tendency. Marches, protests and even boycotts proved to be really effective due to which legislation was approved against inequality and racial discrimination.  There is no doubt that King`s life was brief but still filled with amazing accomplishments. His day and night work was to promote equality, and non-violent approach must be followed while protesting. It was King who believed in mankind`s ability and saw a peace dream to bring advancement in the life of African Americans.


Accomplishments by Martin Luther King

Martin accomplishments are many but major achievements are as follows.

  •    In the sanitation worker strike held in Memphis, he advocated the protest by following the non-violent strategies.
  •    In 1955, his leadership led Montgomery bus boycott.
  •    I have A Dream speech owns inspiring words that are still remembered.
  •    He established a Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957 that was a civil rights organization which supports non-violence.

The career of legendary man laid great impact on the world.

Quick facts of Civil Rights Movement

The civil right movement was from 1955 to 1968 with goals to eradicate racial discrimination in many areas and applications such as employment, public transportation, education, and voting. Government has to take some serious measures when civil disobedience and non-violent protests were in practice. The protests and different marches depict the injustice to Blacks so notable laws were passed which are as follows.

  • 1964 Civil Rights act banned inequality and discrimination in public areas and in employment based on religion, color, race or nationality.
  • 1965 Voting Rights Act protected and restored the ability to vote for Blacks.
  • 1965 Immigration and Nationality Services Act enable immigration from various groups except for outdated European nations.
  • 1968 Fair Housing Act has forbidden housing discrimination for rentals and sales.


Civil rights movements merely focus on equality, freedom, respect, and dignity. All his life, King Martin Luther was committed to peace, equality, and non-violence. The protests and marches actually made a way to introduce civil rights in American society. King continuously insisted to avoid force, brutality, and violence to eliminate unrest in society.

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