So I took part in this challenge. What you do is you read “A Letter from Birming…

So I took part in this challenge. What you do is you read “A Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. in its entirety, you pick your two favorite quotes from the letter, and share them. Here are my two favorites:
1. “I have no fear about the outcome of our struggle in Birmingham, even if our motives are at present misunderstood. We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation, because the goal of America is freedom. Abused and scorned though we may be, our destiny is tied up with America’s destiny.” I love this quote because it still resonates to this day. One of America’s biggest things that are advertised is freedom. America is known as “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. It hasn’t always felt that way for everybody, but it is still America’s destiny.
2. “I have tried to make clear that it is wrong to use immoral means to attain moral ends. But now I must affirm that it is just as wrong, or perhaps even more so, to use moral means to preserve immoral ends.” I love this quote because(again) it resonates with current events. It basically means this: It’s wrong to do something morally unjust to do the right thing. What’s more wrong to justify those morally unjust things. What’s important is to stand together with your fellow man, woman or child and view them as equals. The biggest thing we can do as people is spread love, not hate. Educate. Advocate. Support.
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