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In Washington DC, the day is breaking. On this holiday which commemorates the Rev. Martin Luther King, I am on my way to another Peace March.
The chill in the air brings to mind all the refugee families who are also marching, trying to survive the cold amidst the European forests and “jungles.” After having passed many hours over many days with King’s acolytes, I perceive a great foreboding in each of their faces, reminiscent of that of former prisoners whose memories are haunted by the tortures they have suffered. Each of them fears that their work consists of eternally starting over, that the threat hanging over them will return over and over again, for them and their descendants.

This sense of a vague apprehension that I know so well strikes me from my very first meeting with the followers of Martin Luther King, gathered around the Washington Monument.
At the end of a march that lasted several hours in a cold, melancholy ambiance bereft of joy… I did see tears, those of a stone statue, a dreamer, whose gaze has been fixed for eternity, and who seemed to share the sorrow of the moment.
Here and there, we continue to dream for more humanity, justice and freedom, ideals that need defending now more than ever.
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