“Today America celebrates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the origin…

“Today America celebrates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the original pioneers for non-violence, who showed America what it truly means to fight for what you believe in. A civil rights leader, MLK was the youngest individual to ever win a Nobel Peace prize, and his non-violent methods for pushing against racial segregation and discrimination were extremely effective. He, like so many vegans, supported the beliefs taught by Gandhi.

While Martin Luther King, Jr. was not a vegan, there has been speculation that because he supported so many of the core beliefs of veganism—compassion, justice and non-violence—perhaps he would have made the lifestyle change had he survived. Further supporting this hypothesis is the fact that both his son and his wife became vegan as a method to fight for compassion and humility, not only for humankind but for all creatures as well.

The family that King left behind continued to carry on his work. Coretta Scott King, in addition to being a champion for peace, supported LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender) rights, fought against racial injustices and maintained a vegan diet. Their son, Dexter, told the Vegetarian Times in 1995 that he believed his vegan diet to be a logical extension of his father’s ideals.

The entire non-violent means that Martin Luther King applied to the Civil Rights Movement can be directly applied to veganism. While King fought to end discrimination between races, vegans fight to end the discrimination and abuse of animals. Both ideals promote equality and the humane treatment of all creatures. They support compassion, and battle for a change they believe in with a courage to be commended.” Food for thought on #martinlutherking #martinlutherkingjr
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