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When I woke up this morning, I thought “I get to sleep in”. I did not think of w…

When I woke up this morning, I thought “I get to sleep in”. I did not think of what I should have immediately remembered. ~
Today is not merely a day off of school or work. It is not an uneventful day that is to be taken for granted. Today is a day honoring the memory of a truly inspirational man, one who had the courage to stand up for what he believed in. ~
As a privileged, middle-class, white girl, I will never truly understand the full extent of today’s meaning. I can not claim to have faced the same horrific oppression that others have, and my ancestors have not been subjected to the cruelty others endured. ~
But it is important for me, as a young and privileged citizen, to remember why today matters. To think about how far society has come, and how much farther it has to go. To study our history and understand that it is tainted with corruption, racism, and injustice. To work to build a better future. To listen to voices that others would try to quiet. To learn, and let knowledge open my mind and my heart. To remember that even though I am privileged, I need to let go of guilt for having that privilege and use it to help make a bright future. To choose empathy over anger, acceptance over prejudice, and an open heart over a closed mind. To remember and cherish the dreams of Martin Luther King Junior, and work to make them a reality. ~
There are parts of myself that I am not proud of. There have been times, some like this morning, when I have been unintentionally racist, or made assumptions out of ignorance. And for that I am deeply sorry. In the past, I would choose to hate myself for this, and think of ways to punish myself. But I now see that that will help NO ONE. Rather than sit in my own shame and assume I’m a failure, I want to help others. I want to listen and learn and grow and become a version of myself that can make a difference. And that version of myself sure as hell isn’t chained to her own self-pity and self-harm. ~
We all can improve, and love more, and listen more, and trust more, and hope more, and empathize more, and believe more. Today, we remember why we must. ~
Today is a reminder to work for tomorrow.


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